Five Year Project- Finished!

At the outset this blog was envisioned to be a place for me to deposit my thoughts, approaches, research, and evaluations for a program to move a semi-decrepit former athlete on his way toward excellence. The time horizon was five years and that is where this project is. So this will be the last post.

I hope that at least a few of those very few who have read the drivel on this blog have gotten something from it. I subscribe to the tenet once explained to me by my PhD thesis adviser as it pertained to the weekly seminar series put on by the department- “Always go to the seminars- you will always learn something- either something of substance or that the speaker is not very good at what he/she does or perhaps something in between. But you will always learn something and that will serve you well going forward”. It was in this spirt that I posted what was here and I do really hope that readers got something out of it.

It has been an enjoyable and fun journey to wrangle this old body back into shape and I thank all of you who have taken an interest in the process and particularly to those who commented and asked insightful questions. Good luck to all who tread a path toward their version of excellence!


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