Given the recent announcement by Salomon of the shoe that will replace the S Lab X-Series- the S Lab Sonic, a shoe that does not even have speed laces (heresy!), I stocked up on a couple of X-Series. Hopefully Salomon (and Max King) did not ruin the X-Series with the Sonic although the inclusion of regular laces as standard is a very bad omen. We shall see…


4 thoughts on “Insurance…

    • Then you might like the Sonic right out of the box… hopefully they will include a pair of speed laces for those of us who think they are better. But, to each their own.

  1. I agree, I’m a bit concerned about potential changes to the shoe, starting with the laces. I’ve been really happy with the current upper and they’ve changed that as well. I also notice all sources talking about this shoe (Max King, Running Warehouse, etc…) refer to it as a road or street shoe now – no more “CityTrail”, for whatever that’s worth.

    • Hi Jacob,

      Yes, there is valid concern but the last and the structure of the S Lab Sonic are all the same as the X-Series. I have physically inspected the S Lab Sonic and the basics of the shoe appear unchanged. The laces are the problem- they have designed the lace holes for the “standard” fabric-type laces and it looks as if replacing them with speed laces will be problematic at best. I think the new upper mesh material will just let in more dust but it will not change the performance of the shoe otherwise.

      So, I recommend that you buy some X-series before they disappear- Running Warehouse has them for $99 on close-out right now. I bough a few more pairs so I will be running in the X-Series for 2016.

      You might also look at the S Lab Wings- they are a tough version of the X-Series with a slightly higher drop (9 mm vs the 8 mm for the X-Series) and slightly higher weight (270 gms vs. 220 gms for size 9). They are a better choice for true mountain trail running and adventuring. But if you are seldom on super technical stuff the X-Series is great. I have both but tend toward the X-Series for everything but big runs with lots of talus when I switch to the S Lab Wings.

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